About My Approach

I’m a holistic healer and trauma coach offering a safe space to allow a person to get to the root of why they feel the way they feel on a daily basis. And to recognise that what has happened to them or what experiences they have had through their life plays a huge part in why they feel emotional overloads everyday be it anxiety, depression, excessive worry, anger or pain.
A lot of the time we can minimize what we have gone through and miss that healing process.
This can happen for a number of reasons, but the truth is if an experience overwhelms your ability to cope then it is a trauma.





"Ashley is just fantastic. She is so passionate about everything she does! Constantly learning and expanding her knowledge. Both I and my daughters have had chakra healing, rahinni treatments with her and everytime I'm surprised how in tune she is to others energies, she always gives great advice on how to maintain your clear energy through mediation, journaling etc. Not only that but she is so kind and caring and genuinely wants to help others. She is so passionate"

About me 




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